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Why You Need A Business Page and What's In It


Why You Need A Business Page and What's In It

Every business experiences customer turnover. To encourage continued success, you need to attract new customers, and one of the best ways to do it is by making yourself visible on Google. This is where a "Business Page" comes in handy.

Think of this as a strategy for your online marketing. Search engines, like Google, pull information from online directories to help decide what to show up in search results.

The beauty of a Business Page is it represents your business, showcases the products and services you offer, and features your photos and videos. A well-optimised business page can help you rank well for various search terms and boost your rank in the search results. Beyond that, it's a great place to make your contact information easily available to potential customers.

How Publishing Your "About Us" Story Affects Your Presence Online

Your "About Us" story represents your company profile displayed on your Business Page's first page on Goldfields Key. You can use it to introduce your brand to potential customers, creating context that creates a favourable and lasting impression.

Not only that, we embed the content with quality searched keywords that highlight the nature of your business and help increase your rank on search results.

We have everything you need at a glance, from contact details to location, information and reviews.

Why It's Important To Display Your Products and Services

You can show potential customers what they’ll get when they work with you by uploading up to 10+ products & services with images, prices and descriptions.

Your business will become invisible to everyone unless you invest time in tailoring your products & services to give potential customers an idea of what to expect from your business. This way, you're showing potential customers what makes your company stand apart from competitors.

Now, you're one step closer to getting on top of your digital marketing success!

How Your Business Photos Help In Improving Your Online Presence and Visibility

Images speak a thousand words, so take advantage of uploading up to 12+ photos and represent your business visually on your business page. What more is we geotag and provide alt text to your photos to improve their SEO performance on the search results. Geotagging is assigning a geographical location to your photos.

Hence, it shows up on that particular location you want them to rank in, while optimising 'alt tags' is to provide a description of an image for search engine crawlers to index them properly.

Why Including Your Video Is A Big Step in Helping To Advertise Your Business

Video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media. By linking a video on your Business Page, it helps users identify and relate to your business.

It puts a face to a name and allows the audience to see the genuine nature of your business and what you're offering. Not only does this act as a way of spreading your message, but it's also a statement about how you’re very much aligned with your customers and that you’re the solution they’ve been searching for.

The majority of customers don’t search for a business name when looking for a service or product. If you’re able to provide such information above on your Business Page, it gives Google a positive signal and is another data point to help Google show you in the search results.

After all, the more information a search engine can gather about your business, the better you will rank.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our affordable Business Directory Packages now and stay competitive in this increasingly digital world!

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