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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Marble Bar where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:

Marble Bar

The distance from Perth to Marble Bar is 1,452 km via National Highway 95, 1,939 km via the coast road, and 202 km southeast of Port Hedland.


Marble Bar got its name when early pioneers thought a unique and colourful type of Jasper they had found was a “Marble Bar”.

This outback town was lived in and founded during the late 1800s, or the gold rush days. It’s also home to two of the best-kept secrets of World War 2, the Corunna Downs Airbase and the Comet Gold Mine.

While being known as the hottest town from its consistently high temperature, the nearby gorges and waterholes are ideal spots for a cool swim. The winter months - from April to September, are also perfect for sightseeing as the area enjoys mild daytime temperatures and cool nights.


Marble Bar Pool ‘A’ Class Reserve

This and the adjacent Chinaman’s Pool is a popular local swimming and picnic area. If rocks are removed from the reserve, fines of up to $10,000 apply.

Carawine Gorge

Carawine Gorge is a little-known recreation spot. The place is popular with locals and visitors who don’t mind getting away from the trail. You can enjoy swimming or fishing in the water or sit back and admire the abundant bird life. Camping is also welcome.


Established in 1888, Nullagine is another gold rush town. It’s a small township north of Newman with winter wildflowers, red granite hills, and plentiful waterholes. It was also the site of Australia’s first known diamond find. Nowadays, the ancient rocks of Conglomerate Gorge, Beaton’s Creek Gorge, and Garden and Daylight Pools attract visitors keen to explore the area.

Comet Gold Mine and Tourist Centre

See a wide range of rocks, minerals and gemstones and learn about the town’s history and the gold mine. Don’t forget to view the 75-metre-high smoke stack.

Corunna Downs Airfield

The place has been abandoned since the end of WII, where only the runways, crumbling foundations, and revetment outlines remain. More information about the airfield is available at the Comet Gold Mine museum.

Doolena Gorge

An excellent place for a picnic, a swim or watching the sunset. It also has a seasonal waterfall up the gully along the track that runs alongside the gorge. The access road is on the left side, just after you cross the Coongan River.

Marble Bar Heritage Trail

A special walking trail around the town’s historical buildings and locations.

Flying Fox Lookout

This is a lookout on the way to the Comet Gold Mine with a panoramic view of the Coongan River. Historically, it was a river gauging station recording the levels of the Coongan River. During the 60s, it only ran for 210 days a year.

Coppins Gap

It’s a safe and attractive water hole in a deep cutting located on the old Shay Gap road – a natural beauty spot best accessed by 4WD vehicles.

Marble Bar Pioneer Cemetery

It is located opposite the Solar Power Station. There’s also a special Chinese Burial Ground outside the main cemetery.

Pioneer Memorial Wall

The Pioneer Memorial Wall, also known as the Memorial to the Lonely Graves, is located on the main street between the Old General Store and Shire Offices. It records the names and dates of every miner and person whose graves were found around the town.

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 1,476 km
Population: 927
Postcode: 6760
Founded: 1893

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