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Start Your Newman Experience

If you’re looking for amazing spots in Newman where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Newman is only 191 km away from Karijini National Park. For direct flights from Perth to Newman, Qantas and Virgin Australia offer it daily. Four-Wheel Drive hire is also available at the airport.


The inland Pilbara has been a resource hotspot for over 150 years. From the gold rush towns of the 1880s to the largest modern mining town in the East Pilbara, you get to discover a world rich in history and culture.


There’s plenty for nature and adventure lovers around Newman.

Mount Newman

Standing at 1,053 m above sea level, Mount Newman offers grand views of the Ophthalmia Ranges and surrounding plains. You’ll see the fantastic rich colours of the landscape created by the presence of iron ore mined nearby. A four-wheel drive track can take you halfway up to the summit or hike from the base to the highway.

Ophthalmia Dam

In 1981, the Ophthalmia dam was formed when a branch of Fortescue River was dammed. They constructed the dam to recharge the underground aquifer that supplies the town’s water supply. It became a popular recreation spot where visitors enjoy the view across the water.

During the wet season, the dam is filled by the Fortescue River and Warrawanda Creek.

It’s only 20 minutes from town. Despite being popular for kayaking and canoeing, swimming is NOT allowed and is strictly prohibited. However, it’s a great picnic spot and place to observe bird life. You can see black often frequenting the dam. Fortescue Grunter, Spangled Perch, and other perch species are often seen from the dam wall.

Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park

Karlamilyi, the Martu Aboriginal word for Rudall River, is WA’s largest and most remote national park. It covers over 1.3 million hectares of land between the Great Sandy and the Little Sandy Desert.

According to the Department of Parks and Wildlife, visitors are advised to be with at least two vehicles and have radio or satellite communications. Be self-sufficient with all supplies and equipment, including fuel, water, food, medical supplies, etc. Entering the area is highly discouraged unless visitors are confident about navigating and driving in remote locations.

Newman Haul Pack

Don’t miss the decommissioned Haul Pack Truck as you enter Newman. It’s not just a great photo op; the truck provides an insight into the town’s mining industry. There’s a ramp you can use to access the 3-meter-high viewing platform.

Canning Stock Route

One of the most challenging and remote four-wheel drive adventures in the world. The longest stock route in the world is a must-try for experienced Australian adventurers. Stretching over 1,700 km, you speed through the Gibson, Great Sandy and Tanami deserts between the north (Halls Creek) and south (Wiluna).

This road is recommended for four-wheel drive vehicles only, and expect unforgiving terrains, short rocky sections, long stretches of sandy tracks, and over 900 dunes to cross. Wiluna and Halls Creek have no water, fuel, or services. Before travelling on the route, you must get a permit from the Australian National Four-Wheel Drive Council. Drivers must obtain adequate fuel, water, spares and other supplies before venturing. Detailed and current mapping is also essential for this extreme outback drive adventure.

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 1,196 km
Population: 6,456
Postcode: 6753
Founded: 1967–69

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