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Start Your Karratha Experience

If you’re looking for amazing spots in Karratha where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Located 240 kilometres south of Port Hedland, this coastal town has plenty of great places to stay and excellent restaurants to sustain the exploring you’ll be doing while you’re here!


Karratha got its name from one of the earliest pastoral stations in Western Australia. It’s an Aboriginal word that means “soft earth” or “good country”.


As one of the largest and fastest-growing towns in the north of WA, there are many locations in Karratha to explore. The Point Samson Peninsula, the Burrup Peninsula, Karijini National Park, and the Millstream-Chichester National Park are Karattha’s natural delights.


The best place to start your Pilbara adventure is Cossack. This ideal base is located on the coastal strip between Point Samson and Dampier at the mouth of the Harding River. There are century-old bluestone buildings, unspoilt shores of Settlers Beach, and the Cossack Heritage Trail to discover.

Yaburara Heritage Trail

The Yaburara Heritage Trail is a grade 4, 3.5 km walk highlighting Karattha’s natural history and cultural heritage. Particularly the origin of the traditional landowners and the people of Ngarluma and Yaburara. It covers the rough ground of a rugged country with steep climbs and descents. You get to see features of Aboriginal sites, including artefact scatters and rock engravings.


The Millstream Chichester National Park is an oasis in the desert of lush greenery, crystal clear streams and spring-fed waterholes. Explore the expansive views over red plains of spinifex grass and termite mounds. There are natural spring-fed pools, such as Deep Reach and Python Pool.


Various Aboriginal people and language groups come from diverse backgrounds from all corners of Australia. The Karijini Experience is a great platform to celebrate reconciliation, showing the beauty of the fusion of different cultures and people in the country.

The Karijini Experience was first established in 2013. The first Karijini Dinner Experience was hosted by the Pilbara Inland Chamber of Commerce (PICCI). In the following years, the Karijini Experience grew from a culinary event celebrated under the stars to an annual recurring multi-arts event focused on celebrating local Indigenous culture.

The event is designed to be a diverse and inclusive program of authentic, high-quality arts, culture, music and food experiences. Most importantly, connecting people to the breathtaking landscape. Across five days, immerse yourself in the Karijini Experience with an array of free, family-friendly events and exciting ticketed events in the Karijini National Park.

Staircase to the Moon

Experience this sensational natural phenomenon at the Hearson Cove and Cossack Lookout near Karratha.

It’s a beautiful optical illusion occurring on full moon dates along the coast of northern WA from March to November. The full moon’s reflection on exposed mudflats at extremely low tides forms a magical staircase. Bring out the wine, a deck chair, and a camera and enjoy the view of the Staircase to the Moon at Hearson Cove.

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 1,522 km
Population: 23,421
Postcode: 6714
Founded: 1968

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