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If you’re looking for amazing spots in Wickham where you can book accommodation for all budgets, indulge in savoury takeaways to great dining experiences, discover captivating attractions, and experience different activities, these are some of the places to visit:


Located 13 km north of Roebourne and 1,572 km north of Perth. It is 7 m above sea level.


The town got its name from Lt John Clements Wickham, who explored the Pilbara coast in the 1830s in the HMS Beagle.

Wickham, established in 1970 by Cliffs Robe River Iron Associates, was borne in support of the creation and operation of the processing plant for iron ore mined at Pannawonica, the Cape Lambert port from which the products are being shipped, and a town to house its associated employees.

The Cape Lambert port’s iron ore ship loading facility, opened in 1972, is one of Australia’s longest and tallest jetties.

Despite offering a glimpse of its big industry, Wickham has a backyard of pristine sandy beaches and excellent fishing.


Information Bay on Wickham Drive

If you want to explore the town, the Tourist Information Bay is the ideal place to start, as it’s also located at the far end of Wickham Drive. You can also see the Robe River’s Giant Haul Pac and Locomotives. It’s a huge 70-tonne haul truck and is an excellent remembrance of the iron ore mining operations in the area.

The Anchor at the Information Bay

The huge anchor you can see at Information Bay, weighing 12 tonnes, comes from an iron ore bulk carrier. It got lost in 2010 and was found 15 m below the surface in 2015.

The Ship Sculpture

According to a Western Australian newspaper report in March 2014, a community panel selected the design for the public artwork to be constructed at the Wickham entry bay. Artists Brad Jackson and Peter Zappa are to build the sculpture in an anamorphic style, the first of its kind in Australia.

The sculpture is said to be an array of constructions of 24 steel columns more than five metres tall that will come into alignment and form the image of a ship when viewed at a certain focal point.

Jackson said the final result would have the ship seeming to sail on the hills, superimposing on the landscape. He said creating an unconventional artwork could be a challenge, but when done right, it can become well-known.

Boat Beach

If you drive north to Walcott Drive, the Boat Beach is next to the railway yards. It’s an isolated beach where you can swim, fish, and snorkel. Tracks lead to the Wickham Yacht Club, other beaches, and a boat ramp.

Wickham Tank Hill Lookout

See excellent panoramic views of Wickham from Water Tank Hill. The road up to the lookout is accessible via Walcott Drive.

Fun Facts

Distance from Perth: 1,572 km
Population: 2,022
Postcode: 6720
Founded: 1970

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