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Catmacs Automated Lubrication

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Our Story

Catmacs commenced in 2010 with the goal of providing automated lubrication systems, covering a broad range of industries from mining to manufacturing. We selected Easylube, which stands heads-and-shoulders above the rest in single-point lubrication products.

Today, we proudly deliver, install and support Easylube's full range of products to some of Australia's largest companies.

What We Do

Catmacs is the master distributor of Easylube for Australia. In 1992, Easylube pioneered the world's first mechanical single-point automatic lubricator. Easylube continues to be innovative and currently produces the market's most advanced total lubrication management system, which includes a range of automatic lubricators and utilises the latest technology available.

We also stock a full range of accessories and hardware, including hoses and fittings, mounting brackets and plates. 

Why choose Catmacs Automated Lubrication?

Catmacs can deliver Easylube products across a broad range of industries. We can provide any lubricant of your choice in the cups you order. These products feature:

  • Red-Green LED Status Light – The drive unit includes a LED operating status light that flashes red or green to identify if the unit is functioning correctly and operating or offline and requires attention.
  • Excellent Battery Life – The unit contains a lithium battery, lasting between 1 to 12 months, depending on the cycle of choice. The battery has been reliably proven in Australia's high-temperature environments. We also provide a new lithium battery with each lubricant cup replacement.
  • RFID & NFC Included – The RFID tags can be read by a handheld PDA unit or smartphone with the Easylube Guardwatch program during a routine inspection. Guardwatch will communicate directly with Easylube's inbuilt NFC device to record any lubrication issues. This provides peace of mind and information about lubrication delivery to your plant and equipment's critical moving parts.


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Promotional Feature

Catmacs is the master distributor of Easylube products in Australia. The Easylube single-point lubricator provides an adjustable dispense setting of 1 to 12 months. It imposes minimum lubrication pressure to maintain grease quality and avoid oil seal failure. The patented infra-red control system provides 24-hour continuous monitoring to track feed blockage and LED warning light flashes to alert users to be aware and take corrective steps to solve the issue.

Benefit Checklist
Singe-Point Automatic Lubricator
Cost-Effective & Easy Operated Device
Especially Designed For MQL Formulation
Localities Karratha / Port Hedland / Dampier / Exmouth / Marble Bar / Nanutarra / Newman / Nullagine / Pannawonica / Paraburdoo / Point Samson / Roebourne / Tom Price / Wickham
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29th August 2023
Catmacs proudly delivers, installs and supports Easylube's full range of products to some of the Pilbara region and Australia's largest companies. Easylube, which stands heads-and-shoulders above the ...Read more